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Corporate Business Coaching
You are about to Discover Empowering and Eye-Opening Insights That Will Allow You to Increase Your Influence, Develop the Talent on Your Team, Grow Your Business, and Make a Significant Impact in Your Industry. We all have the potential for outstanding success. Often our success depends on our ability to work with other people and to get work done through other people. The problem is, most people simply do what other people do and so they struggle with mediocre results.

About Pamela Mumm


I specialize in helping Individuals, Teams and Organizations reach unprecedented levels of achievement through the Harmonic Performance Business Model. This proven methodology unlocks the potential of everyone on your team so they are working together in concert delivering dynamic results.

Individual Harmonic Performance

Understanding that the success of your business depends on people developing their capacity to do their work in an effective manner. Harmonic Performance for the individual is a structured coaching program and approach to drive high performance and full engagement with those who participate…

Team Harmonic Performance

While performance starts at the individual level, it is often impossible for an individual to perform at their best and deliver the desired results if everyone isn’t aligned and focused. Harmonic Performance for the team provides the framework to help growth focused businesses create a design down and deliver up practice to drive results.

Organizational Harmonic Performance

An Organizational Harmonic Performance System means all teams within the organization are working in concert; effectively, efficiently and productively, and the proven methodology is embedded into your organization’s roles, structures, processes, projects and leadership competencies.

Case Study: How I Helped Them Sell For $70 Million

Customer Satisfaction Score


Employee Utilization Score


Sales Increased in under 2 years in Millions


Sales Increased Valuation in Millions



Do you want to know how companies accelerate their growth to high 7, 8 and even 9 Figures annually? In my experience, they have implemented the Harmonic Performance Process in their organization. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, CEO or Executive – having your teams operate with Harmonic Precision takes effort, commitment, consistency and the right process… Harmonic Performance is that process. Click the button below to download your FREE Harmonic Performance Blueprint to begin moving your organization to the Next Level today!
Corporate Business Coaching
Corporate Business Coaching

Our Process

The first step to applying for a Harmonic Roadmap Day is to understand what the Harmonic Roadmap Day can do for you and your business. Click the button below to understand “our process” and how our process works from beginning to the end.

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“Pam’s energy is contagious. Her storytelling brings some comedy to drama. Disarming Drama helped our staff see where the drama starts and how to end it, along with how to calm the drama we start within ourselves. All attendees were very appreciative of the opportunity to attend.”

Jenni Noonan
Fidelity Bank
“She challenged me to aim higher and achieve more. When I was promoted to a director position, she celebrated my progress – then encouraged me to elevate my thinking even further. Pam is a trusted advisor for me and for the rest of the Cartegraph leadership team.”

Kate Ernst
Director of Marketing, Cartegraph

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