How I Helped A Tech Company Sell For $67 Million


From flat sales and shiny objects to breakthrough performance and a valuation increase of 91% in less than 2 years

When I first met Ted, he was the newly appointed CEO of the company, even though he had been with them for 20 years. He was struggling with identifying, communicating and having his team execute on what he thought were clear business objectives from the board of directors. And he also had difficulty getting his leadership team to go in the same direction. To his team, it felt like the company was moving from shiny object to shiny object. To Ted, he felt like his team couldn’t make decisions without him.

While the situation of multiple and moving objectives, and lack of decision-making are commonplace among all types of businesses, including entrepreneurial groups and larger organizations, this was definitely one of the primary concerns that kept Ted up at night. It seemed like one month was focused on top line revenue growth, the next it was customer satisfaction surveys, and another was customer retention. Everyone was working hard, and yet, year over year the changes in the business were incremental at best.

Ted hired me to work with his leadership team 1 on 1. He felt that leadership coaching would bring higher performance to the team. Having been through this process with entrepreneurs and CEO’s alike, I knew that they would get great results from coaching, but the exponential results Ted was looking for, required Harmonic Performance.

We began 1 on 1 leadership coaching with individual calls every 2 weeks. After a few conversations, I invited Ted and his team to a workshop I was holding in town on Increasing Your Team’s Potential. During that workshop, I teach a session on the 7 Signs That Your Team is Not Aligned, and What You Can Do About It!

After that session, Ted realized that it wasn’t the individual performance of each member of his team that was a problem, but rather a lack of team member alignment. The proverbial light bulb had been switched on and Ted saw that if he could get his team on the same page, that a turn-around for the business was not only possible but inevitable.

After a few more calls Ted discovered that the key to exponential growth for his company was to match the one on one coaching of his leadership team with the Harmonic Performance alignment process.

Before Ted started working with me, their revenue had been flat the previous 3 years, and the company had been valued at $37MM dollars. After implementing the Harmonic Performance process, revenues increased by 20 and 25% respectively, and one department which had done $1MM in its best year was now doing $4.2MM in annual revenue.

Now, when a team member is interviewed – a Harmonic Performance evaluation has been added to the hiring process so that candidates are evaluated for their alignment and competence as well as their character.

As a result of their work, revenue per employee has increased, employee turnover has decreased, and the company that was worth $37MM sold for over $67MM less than 2 years later.

This is just an example of the type of results that are available with Harmonic Performance whether you are a CEO, an Executive, or an Entrepreneur!