Harmonic Roadmap Day Agenda

Corporate Business Coaching

What Is The Agenda?

Our Harmonic Roadmap Days are focused and strategic from the moment you arrive until the end of the day. Below we give you an outline of what we do from 9am to 5pm to help you map a business that can generate additional 6, 7 and even 8 figures of revenue, or help you achieve the harmony that will drive the revenue and profitability you are seeking.

Here is how the day will unfold.

Context for the Day.

We kickoff the day at 9am sharp to 10am and we first go over outcomes for the day and we look at the Harmonic Roadmap Day Experience from a high level “what we’re going to accomplish.” Then we discuss the 30 question questionnaire that you’ll complete before you arrive.

Corporate Business Coaching

Harmonic Performance System.

From 10am to 11am we will also explain and illustrate the Harmonic Performance System and how our clients are maximizing their business to generate additional 6 7 and yes, even 8 figures in additional revenue per year and some even per month. This is part of the foundation of a Harmonic Roadmap Day and necessary for us to properly map your long-term business strategy. It is critical for you to understand the Harmonic Performance System.

Current Reality Assessment:

From 11am to 12pm, we will assess the state of the 5 Primary Components of your business. This is a designed conversation to draw out the current reality, shed light on where people agree and disagree, and begin to create the future authored by the team.

Working Lunch.

From 12 noon to 1pm, we host a working lunch so we can focus as much time as possible on your business. We have a local restaurant who delivers lunch for us while we continue the conversation about your business and performance strategy.

Problem/ Solution Exercise.

From 1pm to 2pm we take you through a journey of understanding what people are doing within the business and the biggest problems and opportunities people are facing in your business. Once we know what people are dealing with, then we create solutions that will solve these problems so that harmonic performance is a possibility.

This exercise gives us everything we need from a strategic direction including team health, people/roles assessment, and your current execution points so you can begin to harmonize the business and the teams.

Creating Your Blueprint.

From 2pm to 3 pm, once we understand the components of your business that are not working as well as you’d like, the barriers that are getting in the way and the problems that are occurring, we will examine each area and articulate the results you would like to achieve during the year and lay out a high-level strategic plan.

Corporate Business Coaching

Getting Started Exercise.

From 3 pm to 4pm, we will focus on the keys to successful implementation of your plan: Taking the First Step. This exercise will provide clarity around one area of the business that will significantly impact your success. Once there is clarity, we will look at establishing the next steps that can be implemented immediately.

Wrap Up & Overview.

From 4pm to 5pm, the final part of the day we wrap up with the logistics of delivering the strategic plan to you. Remember, in the Harmonic Day you will get incredible insight and action steps, and in addition, we will give you a fully written blueprint you can use with your teams immediately. We will schedule a 60-minute call to review this – usually within 2 – 4 days of your Harmonic Day depending on schedules.

We make sure that everyone is 100% crystal clear on the vision and the outcomes.

You will leave the one day with clarity, with excitement and with a readiness to accelerate your business forward.

We leave with everything we need to deliver a blueprint specifically designed for your business to create the Harmonic Performance you are expecting.

Let the journey begin!