Harmonic Roadmap Day – What You Get

1: Two (2) Phone calls prior to the Harmonic Roadmap day:

  • Phone Call 1:

  • Designed to build a relationship with CEO/ Owner/ Hiring Person

  • Discovery Conversation

  • Pinpoint major area (s) of concern.

  • Set the Date for the Harmonic Roadmap Day – usually as soon as calendars allow

  • Get information for the contact person to take care of logistics

  • Provide CEO/Owner/Hiring Person with Harmonic Roadmap Day Questionnaire

  • Offer any travel support needed

  • Phone Call 2:

  • 2-3 days prior to the Harmonic Roadmap Day

  • Review that Questionnaire is complete

  • Confirm outcomes of the day with the CEO/ Owner/ Hiring Person

  • Confirm attendees

  • Provide support for any travel arrangements needed

  • Answer any questions

2: Full Day with CEO/ Owner and Leadership Team

  • Outcomes of the Day:

  • Create a clear picture of the Current Reality of the Business

  • Assess the Strengths and Gaps that currently exist

  • Capture information in the 5 areas of: Direction, Ensemble, Process, Scoreboards and Tempo.

  • Facilitate an exercise in one Key Area to get the team started.

Corporate Business Coaching

3: Harmonic Roadmap Day De-brief

  • Review High-Level Observations shared with the CEO/ Owner/ Hiring Person

  • Obtain CEO/ Owner/ Hiring Person Feedback of the process

  • Review your “unexpected discoveries” of the Day

  • Answer any other questions

4: Strategic Roadmap Review and Follow Up Conversation

  • Deliver a customized Results Driven Roadmap

  • Share results from the day

  • Identify Strategic Action Steps

  • Layout an Execution Plan

  • Provide Options for Working Together

  • Option 1: Hire me to execute the roadmap

  • Option 2: Identify a Champion to work with me to execute the Harmonic Roadmap

  • Option 3: Execute the Harmonic Roadmap on your own

Answer any remaining questions and set date for follow-up or project kickoff


Are You Ready For Your Entire Organization To Be Operating In Harmony And Moving Your Business Forward Efficiently?